Office of Procedures, Records, and Forms Business Policies and Procedures Manual

Revised 11-10

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Organizational Directory


Add or Change WSUORG Information


WSU’s online organizational directory (WSUORG) provides the following information regarding University organization units:

  • Name
  • Location
  • Address
  • Supervising unit
  • Supervising officer
  • Primary administrative unit
  • Organization number
  • Contact for purchasing transactions

The University uses this information for Mailing Services’ address system and other business functions. WSUORG is an online Administrative Information Systems (AIS) application. See BPPM 85.37 for general information regarding AIS applications.


Not all organization units are necessarily included in WSUORG; however, an organization unit meeting one or more of the following conditions must be listed:

  • The unit initiates purchases supported by University accounts. Purchases may be from University or non-University vendors.
  • The unit receives deliveries of University materials. This may be as a subunit of a unit actually making purchases.
  • The unit sells goods and/or services to other organization units (see also BPPM 30.15).
  • The unit provides approved University academic instruction.
  • The unit is the appointing department for University employees (see also BPPM 60.25).
  • The unit manages at least one University account administered through the Controller’s Office (see also BPPM 30.02).
  • The unit borrows materials from WSU Libraries.
Reviewing Data

Access WSUORG to review information regarding a University organization unit.

Changing Data
Human Resource Services

Human Resource Services (HRS) initially adds units to WSUORG and makes subsequent changes only to information that has been identified as requiring administrative approval to change (e.g., supervising unit, primary administrative unit, and unit addresses).

Purchasing Services

Purchasing Services directly updates the unit’s purchasing contact. (The purchasing contact as recorded in WSUORG serves as the default for purchasing transactions tracked by the online Purchasing, Accounts Payable, Receiving (PAPR) application.)

Other AIS Applications

If a change in the WSU organizational hierarchy requires additions or changes to WSUORG, other AIS applications may also need to be updated, e.g., Master Account Table, Property Inventory. Users should check other applications and make or request updates as necessary.

Add or Change WSUORG Information Form

General Information

To add a unit or to make changes requiring administrative approval, submit an Add or Change WSUORG Information form to HRS. To request a change, enter only new information that replaces existing incorrect information. If the existing information for a data element is correct do not make an entry in that space. To add a new organizational unit enter all items, including address. Numbers below refer to numbered spaces on the form. Not all spaces are numbered. Form spaces not described are considered self-explanatory. Some fields accept only a specified number of characters. The character limit (if applicable) is shown on the form after the title of the space or field.

Add or Change

Check either Add or Change to request action.

Unit Identification

When a new unit is added the computer system assigns an Organization Number which identifies the unit. This number is also referred to as the department number, WSU number, ORG number, and WSUORG number. To change existing information, enter the unit’s Organization Number or the Name Abbreviation as shown in WSUORG.

Unit Name (8)

Complete this space to add an organizational unit or to change Unit Name. Enter an appropriate name for computer-generated reports and mailings. (This name is a shorter version of the Official Unit Name in space 15.)

Name Abbreviation (9)

Users of Administrative Information Systems can use Name Abbreviation to locate information about business transacted regarding the unit. Complete this space to add an organizational unit or to change Name Abbreviation. Select a meaningful designation that is a unique abbreviation for the unit. Check name abbreviations in WSUORG to avoid duplicating an existing abbreviation.

Unit Location (10-12)

These spaces identify the unit’s location. Unit location distinguishes between similarly-named organizations. Complete these spaces to add an organizational unit or to change unit location in WSUORG.

County Code or County Name

Enter either County Name or County Code. County codes for the state of Washington are the first two digits of the codes found in BPPM 60.25. For all units located outside of Washington, specify “out of state” as county name or enter “0” as county code.

City or State

Enter either the city (or the area) or the state (or the country). Completing both fields is optional.

Unit Administrator and WSU ID Number (13-14)

Complete these spaces to add an organizational unit or to change Unit Administrator. Enter the name of the unit’s designated supervising officer. Enter that officer’s WSU ID number.

Official Unit Name / Alphabetical Sort (15)

Complete this space to add an organizational unit or to change the Official Unit Name. (The name used for an alphabetical sort is the same as the official unit name.) Enter the official name in upper/lower case exactly as it should appear on a formal report.

Supervising Unit (16-18)

Complete these spaces to add an organizational unit or to change information about the unit’s reporting relationship. Enter the name of the unit responsible for supervising the unit. Enter the name abbreviation and/or the organization number for that unit. This information is available in WSUORG or from the supervising unit.

Primary Administrative Unit Identifier (19-20)

Complete these spaces to identify one of the following primary administrative units associated with the requesting organizational unit:

  • An academic college;
  • An administrative vice presidential area; or
  • A primary campus area.

NOTE: The primary administrative unit identifier does not replace the financial area, but is intended to support organizational relationships for reporting purposes. Enter the name of the unit responsible for primary administration of the requesting unit. Enter the organization number for the primary administrative unit. This information is available in WSUORG or from the supervising unit.

Signature of Requesting Administrator (21)

The official submitting the request prints his or her name and signs the form.

Administrative Approval (22)

The appropriate dean, appointing authority, or other principal administrative officer prints his or her name and signs the request to authorize additions or changes to the University directory.

Address Information (23-29)

A unit may have one or more addresses. A specific address may be used for various University purposes and activities. An address includes physical location and/or telephone.

Street or Post Office Box Building or Complex

This address is the specific site of the unit. For example, for a unit located at a branch campus a street address in Street or Post Office Box Number might be appropriate whereas, in Pullman, a building and room number in Building or Complex would be appropriate.


Include the name of the city for each physical address.


Use the two-character U.S. Postal Service abbreviation for state or U.S. territory.

ZIP Code

ZIP code is the standard five-digit U.S. Postal Service ZIP code and optional PLUS-4 ZIP code. For all domestic mailing addresses, indicate the five-digit ZIP code. For all Pullman campus addresses, also enter the mail code assigned by Mailing Services.

International Address

Include the name of the foreign country. Foreign state may be added if available. Enter any applicable foreign mail code in this field. The mail code should not precede the country name.


Include a telephone number associated with the physical address or with the headquarters of the organizational unit as appropriate. Include the area code and the telephone number for the organization unit. The number may include an extension.


Route the Add or Change WSUORG Information form to the appropriate dean, appointing authority, or principal administrative officer for signature. If the request is approved, send the completed form to HRS, mail code 1014.