Office of Procedures, Records, and Forms Business Policies and Procedures Manual

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Possible Ethics Violations


A person seeking advice or an interpretation regarding activities that may constitute violations of the state ethics law should consult with the Internal Audit Office.

Although the Internal Audit Office does not have institutional authority to make final decisions regarding ethics matters, that office may provide advice based upon the facts presented. The advice includes relevant criteria University personnel should consider when making decisions regarding potential violations of the state ethics law.

WSU Approval of Referrals

Before an official request for an opinion or interpretation may be referred to the Executive Ethics Board on behalf of WSU, the request must be approved by the Office of the Internal Auditor.

Ethics Law / Rules

RCW 42.52. Rules adopted under the law include WAC 292-100WAC 292-110, WAC 292-120, WAC 292-130.

Executive Ethics Board

The state ethics law provides for an Executive Ethics Board. Refer to the following web site for information regarding the Ethics Board’s authority and responsibility:

Governmental Actions

Refer to BPPM 10.20 to report improper governmental actions under the Whistleblower Act.