Office of Procedures, Records, and Forms Safety Policies and Procedures Manual

Revised 1-09
Reviewed 7-13

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   Environmental Health and Safety


Hazard Notification


Hazard Notification

Reporting Hazards

University personnel observing serious safety concerns affecting or potentially affecting University employees are to immediately contact their supervisor, the unit administrator, and/or Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S); telephone 509-335-3041.

Personnel are to report all safety hazards to the unit’s administrator, safety committee, and EH&S using the Hazard Notification form.

The unit responsible to address the safety hazard completes the “Corrective Action” portion of the Hazard Notification form.

Hazard Corrective Action

The appropriate unit develops and implements corrective action. The unit documents the corrective action on the Hazard Notification form.

Notification Form

Complete and/or print the Hazard Notification form to obtain supplies.

Reporting Hazards Caused by Contractors

If University personnel observe serious hazards to University employees created by building or construction contractors, the personnel are to report the hazards to Environmental Health and Safety; telephone 509-335-3041.

Environmental Health & Safety coordinates with either Facilities Services, Capital or Facilities Services, Operations to communicate the safety concern to the contractor.