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Contaminated Surplus Property
Appendix 1: Equipment Requiring Item Evaluation


Item Evaluation

The items listed below are examples of equipment and materials requiring completion of the Item Evaluation form. The list is not exhaustive.

Any equipment or material that has hazards which need to be mitigated Autoclaves

Benchtops Biological safety cabinet

Centrifuges Cryostats

Dead tanks Ductwork

Environmental chambers

Flammable cabinets Freezers Fume hoods and fans Furniture

Glassware and plasticware Glove boxes


Lasers Lead-based paint

Microfuges Microwave ovens


Parts from gas and plumbing fixtures

Radioactive sources,* including but not limited to:

Liquid scintillation counters Gamma counters Gas chromatographs with Ni-63 electron capture detectors

Radiation machines,* including but not limited to:

Cabinet X-ray units Veterinary X-ray machines X-ray: crystallography; diffraction; and fluorescence units


Shakers Sinks Storage cabinets and lockers used to store chemical products or hazardous waste

Vacuum pumps


* Any item to be surplused which is marked with a label containing a “Caution: Radioactive Material” or similar message must be evaluated by the Radiation Safety Office prior to surplussing.