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Contaminated Surplus Property
Appendix 5G: Radiation Machines and Radiation Sources


Item Evaluation

Radiation Machines

Examples of radiation machines include:

  • Cabinet X-ray units
  • Veterinary X-ray machines
  • X-ray: crystallography; diffraction; and fluorescence units
Item Evaluation

Prior to surplusing, the authorized user must attach a completed Item Evaluation form listing:

  • Specific radioactive material(s) which caused the contamination
  • Any decontamination method which was used
  • Any component capable of producing radiation which has been disconnected or removed from the equipment item

Attach a copy of the property release survey to the evaluation form.

Special Clearance Procedures

Radiation machines require special clearance procedures prior to collection by Surplus Stores (see SPPM 9.60).

Contact the Radiation Safety Office (RSO) before making arrangements for movement of this type of equipment; telephone 509-335-8916.

X-Ray Tubes

The authorized user is to disconnect or disable the X-ray tubes on all radiation machines which are offered for surplus as scrap or off-campus for X-ray uses (see SPPM 9.60).

A tube may remain with the machine in the event of possible reuse. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to reconnect the tube.

If the equipment is to be used in the state of Washington, the purchaser is also responsible for notifying the Department of Health, Radiation Protection Division by telephone at 1-800-299-9729. (WAC 246-224-0020).

  • Surplus Stores must inform the RSO of the identity of the purchaser of the X-ray tube.
    Surplus Stores completes Section 2 of the Notification of Change in Responsibility for a Radiation Machine and submits the form to the RSO. See also Notification of Change in Responsibility.
  • The RSO must, in turn, inform the Washington Department of Health (DoH) X-ray Program of the identity of the purchaser within fifteen days of the date of sale.
Sold for Scrap

Authorized users of machines which are sold for scrap must arrange to have the X-ray tube disconnected and turned over to the RSO.

Sold for Reuse

Notification of Change in Responsibility

The RSO or the authorized user must complete Section 1 of the Notification of Change in Responsibility for a Radiation Machine form for each machine to be sent to Surplus Stores for sale and possible reuse. See SPPM 9.60 and the Radiation Protection Program Manual (RPPM) for the notification form and instructions.

Submit the original notification, a Surplus Property Report, and an Item Evaluation (see Item Evaluation) with the machine sent to Surplus Stores.

Submit a copy of the Notification of Change in Responsibility to the RSO.

Reactivation Notice

The RSO posts a Radiation Machine Reactivation Notice on all radiation machines destined for surplus or sale. The reactivation notice states that the RSO must be informed if the radiation machine is to be brought back into University service or sold to an outside entity. See SPPM 9.60 and the RPPM for the reactivation notice form and instructions.

Radiation Sources
Special Clearance Procedures

The following items contain internal radioactive sources and require special clearance procedures prior to collection by Surplus Stores:

  • Liquid scintillation counters
  • Gamma counters
  • Gas chromatographs with Ni-63 electron capture detectors

Contact the RSO before making arrangements for movement of this type of equipment.