Office of Procedures, Records, and Forms Business Policies and Procedures Manual

Revised 12-09
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Effort Certification System Overview


Federal regulations require that specified employees’ activity be periodically reported and certified (Office of Management and Budget Circular A-21).


Effort certification is required for the following WSU employees:

  • Those whose earnings are charged directly (at least in part) to sponsored agreements.
  • Those whose earnings include federal appropriation monies (fund 143).
  • Those who contribute effort for cost sharing purposes (see BPPM 40.36).
Departmental Administration

Effort Certification Reports are not required for employees who devote 100 percent of their effort to departmental administration and are completely supported by accounts in programs 01-08. Other employees who devote effort to departmental administration must complete Effort Certification Reports (see BPPM 40.35). All departmental administrators who contribute effort for cost sharing purposes must also complete Effort Certification Reports.

Reporting Period

Effort is reported and certified for all eligible employees for the following periods, which roughly correspond to academic semesters:

Fall August 16 through December 31
Spring January 1 through May 15
Summer May 16 through June 30
July 1 through August 15

Effort Certification Forms

Effort Certification Report

The activity of each employee paid a regular salary is reported on a separate Effort Certification Report. See BPPM 40.35 for instructions.

Daily Activity Report

Temporary employees’ effort is recorded on the Daily Activity Report used to report activity for WSU temporary employees (see BPPM 60.61). The number of hours worked on each project is certified twice a month by the cognizant supervisor.