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WSU Vancouver Inclement Weather Procedures

Inclement Weather Emergencies

An inclement weather event may require the University to suspend some or all operations at the WSU Vancouver campus. (See also BPPM 50.40 for University-wide procedures regarding suspended operations.)

This section provides an overview of the procedures regarding evaluation of and response to inclement weather situations that affect WSU Vancouver.

Weather Emergency Condition Levels

The Chancellor or designee may declare one of the following condition levels when a weather emergency is imminent or active.

Condition Levels
GreenClasses, nonessential services, and essential services are all operational.
YellowClass operations are delayed two hours or cancelled. Nonessential services are reduced at the discretion of unit heads. Essential services are operational.
RedCampus is closed. Nonessential services are suspended. Essential services function with minimal levels of staffing.

Vice chancellors and deans are to exercise discretion in determining essential services and essential minimal staffing levels in accordance with BPPM 60.40 and applicable leave policies. Additional guidelines related to inclement weather and suspended operations are available from the Human Resource Services (HRS) website.

When the WSU Vancouver campus is at the yellow or red condition level, the presumption is that the campus will return to the green condition level on the following day unless the Chancellor or designee decides otherwise. Students and employees should check WSU Vancouver Alerts for the latest condition level information. 

WSU Vancouver Inclement Weather Triage Team

The WSU Vancouver Inclement Weather Triage Team is made up of University officials from the Offices of Facilities and Operations and Public Safety, as well as the Chancellor or designee.

Assessment and Recommendation

In case of inclement weather, the triage team meets to assess weather warnings and make recommendations for temporary changes to University operations. The goal is to have information about delays or closures made public by 6 a.m. on the day of reported inclement weather.


The offices of Finance and Operations and/or Marketing and Communications (MarCom) and/or Public Safety:

  • Post the appropriate condition level on the WSU Vancouver Alerts website.
  • Post additional information on the WSU Vancouver Emergency Closure / Suspended Operations Procedure website.
  • Manage internal and external communications;
  • Notify television and radio stations, external newspapers, and other media outlets as appropriate; and
  • Release other emergency communications deemed appropriate under the circumstances, including the use of the Emergency Notification System (also referred to as the WSU CougAlert System; see BPPM 50.40).
College/Department/Unit Responsibilities

All colleges, divisions, departments, and other operating units must develop Emergency Response Plans and Continuance of Operations Plans, in accordance with Executive Policy EP25 and BPPM 50.39. In addition to other Emergency Response and Continuity of Operations responsibilities, the purpose of these plans is to:

  • Prepare for weather emergencies;
  • Ensure that faculty, staff, and students are informed of the closure of offices within the area;
  • Ensure that faculty, staff, and students are informed of the postponement of special events or activities; and
  • Reinforce the communication of any decisions reached by the President, Chancellor, or designee.

The procedures above are not intended to cover all possible eventualities. The University administration assumes that the decision-making and relevant communications will be adapted, as appropriate, to suit the circumstances. The University administration does not assume that all individuals who may be coming to campus or on campus can be notified of a weather emergency or the designated condition level.