Office of Procedures, Records, and Forms Safety Policies and Procedures Manual

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Animal Control


This section (SPPM 6.28) provides information and resources regarding the control of animals on property owned or controlled by WSU.


Animals covered by this section (SPPM 6.28) include wild animals (e.g., feral cats or dogs; coyotes) or domesticated animals not owned by the University or under its care, custody, or control.


Control of animals that are considered to be pests (e.g., mice; rats; birds; wild bats) is covered under SPPM 6.30: Pest Control. Further information regarding bird and bat waste exposure control is provided in SPPM 6.35.

Loose Animals

Wild and domesticated animals not owned by the University or under its care, custody, or control that are running loose on University property are subject to impound by local authorities in accordance with the municipal or county ordinances that apply to each campus. (WAC 504-36-020(6))

See WAC 504-36-020 for further requirements regarding the control of animals and pets on University owned or controlled property.


Departments are to contact the campus or station public safety office to report a loose wild or domesticated animal and request assistance.

WSU Pullman

WSU Pullman departments contact WSU Pullman Public Safety; telephone 509-335-8548.

Public Safety coordinates with Pullman animal control, Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S), Facilities Services, and/or Auxiliary Facilities Services to remove the animal from campus.

Public Safety may also ask the Campus Veterinarian, the College of Veterinary Medicine, or other academic departments to provide additional expertise as the situation warrants.

WSU Spokane

WSU Spokane departments contact Campus Safety and Security; telephone 509-358-7995.

WSU Tri-Cities

WSU Tri-Cities departments contact Campus Security; telephone 509-372-7698.

WSU Vancouver

WSU Vancouver departments contact WSUV Public Safety; telephone 360-546-9001.

WSU Everett

WSU Everett departments contact campus Facilities; telephone 425-404-1566.

Service and Support animals

See Executive Policy Manual EP39 for policy and requirements regarding service and support animals on University owned or controlled property.