Office of Procedures, Records, and Forms Business Policies and Procedures Manual

Revised 7-14
Human Resource Services


Faculty Timecard


The faculty timecard process is to be used in exceptional cases only. An appropriate use for faculty timecard is for full-time faculty and administrative professional (AP) employees holding current appointments who take on additional duties or services which are clearly beyond regularly-assigned duties.

The faculty timecard process provides positive-pay for such WSU employees.

Temporary Need Appointments

The faculty timecard process may also be appropriate for temporary need appointments prior to an official hire date.

Departments process faculty timecard appointments through the Temporary Employment System (TEMPS) (see BPPM 60.26).

NOTE: Departments must obtain prior approval from Human Resource Services (HRS) to process such TEMPS appointments.

Departments may process amendments or renewals of preexisting faculty timecard appointments as Personnel/Payroll Electronic Routing Management System (PERMS) transactions (see BPPM 60.25).

Non-WSU Employees

The faculty timecard process may not be used for appointments for non-WSU employees who are performing faculty-related work. Departments are to process such appointments as PERMS transactions.

Contact Human Resource Services (HRS) for assistance with any possible exceptions.


Create Appointment

The department must enter the faculty timecard appointment into the online Temporary Employment System (TEMPS) before the Appointment Begin Date.

NOTE: To access and enter information into the online TEMPS system, departmental employees must attend training and obtain approval from HRS. Contact HRS for more information; telephone 509-335-4521.

Annual Limits

Timecard appointments are for one year or less.


Holding a timecard appointment does not qualify an employee for benefits such as sick leave or annual leave.

Because timecard appointments are used for faculty and AP employees already on full-time appointments, and for certain other approved exceptions, those holding timecard appointments are not normally eligible for employee insurance benefits. Contact HRS for more information; telephone 509-335-4521; or refer to the HRS website at:

Conditions of Temporary Employment–Benefit Eligibility

In the rare case when a faculty timecard appointment is appropriate or approved, the hiring department must provide the temporary faculty or AP employee appointed through the faculty timecard process with written notice of benefit eligibility prior to the commencement of each appointment (WAC 182-12-113). The department generates such written notice by printing the Conditions for Temporary Employment form screen in the Temporary Employment Processing System (TEMPS).

The department obtains the employee’s signature on the form and provides the employee with a copy. The department must retain the original, signed document in the temporary employee departmental file. (See BPPM 90.01 for records retention requirements.)

EXCEPTION: The department is not required to provide such written notice to a benefit-eligible faculty employee with a faculty timecard appointment for overload (duties or services which are clearly beyond regularly-assigned duties).

Add Appointment in TEMPS

Select Add from the Faculty Time Card Appointment section of the online TEMPS to establish a timecard appointment. Refer to the TEMPS training handout from HRS and the instructions in BPPM 60.27 to complete the Add Faculty Time Card Appointment screen.

Briefly summarize the duties or services to be performed in the Description of Duties and Justification for Compensation section of the screen.

Provide a copy of the Faculty Time Card Appointment screen and the Faculty Timecard Information screen to the employee.

Current Employees

Obtain current information; e.g., social security number, name, WSU number; from online TEMPS or the DEPPS Administrative Information Systems.

To obtain current employee information in TEMPS:

  • Select Display under the Faculty Time Card Appointment section, or
  • Select Display Related Info under the Employee section.
New Employees

The faculty timecard process is to be used for new employees in exceptional cases only. Contact HRS to review and approve the appointment of a new employee on faculty timecard.

New employees must complete the following federal forms:

Each new temporary faculty employee must also have an adjunct appointment. The department submits a personnel action through PERMS to add adjunct personnel (see BPPM 60.25).

Departments obtain appointment information from the online TEMPS program by selecting Display under the Faculty Time Card Appointment section.

Sponsored Project Supported

The online TEMPS system automatically routes any faculty timecard appointment created to pay extra compensation from sponsored project funds, e.g., grants, to Sponsored Program Services for approval.

The online TEMPS system also automatically routes any faculty timecard appointment created to pay from summer session funds to Summer Session for approval.

Positive Pay Time Entry

The employee submits a completed Daily Activity Report to the department. See BPPM 60.61 for form completion instructions.

The department enters the employee’s hours into the Positive Pay Time Entry application in online DEPPS. Refer to BPPM 55.22 for instructions regarding Positive Pay Time Entry.


Refer to the Payroll Documents Calendar for submittal deadlines. Use the deadlines indicated for faculty timecard documents (see BPPM 55.04).