Office of Procedures, Records, and Forms Business Policies and Procedures Manual

Revised 10-00
Reviewed 3-15

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Compensated Outside Service and Extended Professional Activities by Faculty


Annual Report of Consultant and Extended Professional Activities
 (Print or complete onscreen and print as needed to report annual activity for each employee who has done professionally-related services during the previous year.)


Refer to the Faculty Manual for University policies regarding compensated outside service and extended professional activities for faculty.


Faculty Manual Section IV. D, Policy on Compensated Outside Service by Faculty Members Faculty Manual Section IV. E, Extended Professional Activities


Each employee discloses and obtains approval from the appropriate department chair or other supervisor for an activity beyond the employee’s WSU duties within five working days of the commencement of the activity.

Annual Report

By November 1, each employee having commercial involvements in areas related to his or her University responsibilities submits a summary of those activities to the approving supervisor. The department compiles an annual report of activity for each academic year. (For this purpose an academic year begins August 15 and runs through August 14.) The department chair transmits this report to the dean or director. The dean or director transmits this report to the Provost and Academic Vice President.