Office of Procedures, Records, and Forms Business Policies and Procedures Manual

Revised 1-18

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Reporting Daily Activity for Temporary Employees


Record of Activity

Temporary employees record hours worked or pieces completed on a time/piece record, which may be a Daily Activity Report, a time clock card, or an alternate time/piece record approved by Human Resource Services (HRS).

The temporary employee time/piece record is the official record of hours worked or pieces completed.

NOTE: There is no University requirement that the hours of work for graduate students appointed to assistantship positions be reported on a Daily Activity Report or other similar document.

The department maintains the Daily Activity Report, the time clock card, or the HRS-approved alternate time record as an audit record.

Related Sections

See BPPM 60.26 and 60.27 for more information about temporary employment. See BPPM 60.42 for information about faculty timecard employment.

Positive Pay Time Entry

The department uses information recorded on the temporary employee time/piece record to complete the Positive Pay Time Entry. The Positive Pay Time Entry transmits the activity data to Payroll. See BPPM 55.22 for more information on Positive Pay Time Entry.

For a given pay period, each Positive Pay Time Entry must agree with and be supported by information reported on a temporary employee time/piece record.

Reporting Hours


The following requirements apply to all forms for reporting hours or pieces worked by temporary employees. See Reporting Forms below for University-approved reporting forms.

  • Temporary employees must submit separate time/piece records for each pay period worked.
  • The employee submits the report to his or her supervisor after the employee has completed working all of his or her hours for the pay period. (Refer to the Payroll Documents Calendar for the inclusive dates of Positive Pay periods.) NOTE: The supervisor must not sign the report until the employee completes working all of his or her hours for the pay period.
  • The employee and the supervisor sign and date the report certifying the accuracy of the report. NOTE: Facsimile or substitute signatures, e.g., signature stamps, are not acceptable.
  • The supervisor must not return the report to the employee after signing, in order to maintain the integrity of the pay-affecting document.
Form Completion

Departments enter the following information on the form before giving the form to the employee:

  • Employee name
  • Employee WSU ID number
  • Pay period beginning and ending dates
  • Position number
  • Title
  • Title code
  • Account coding, i.e., fund, subfund, program, budget, and project
  • Units, e.g., hours or pieces
  • Rate of pay per unit

The information must agree with the information on the Temporary Employment Position form which established the position (see BPPM 60.27).

Temporary or Faculty Timecard Employee

The employee records the hours worked or pieces completed each day as the activity occurs. If eligible for paid sick leave, the employee records the number of paid sick leave hours used on the applicable workday.

The employee is to report partial hours as decimal fractions.


The supervisor verifies and signs the form. The supervisor is responsible for ensuring that the Requirements above are met.

Reporting Forms

The department selects from the following reporting records to report hours worked or pieces completed by temporary employees.

Daily Activity Report

If the employee works for a single account during a given pay period, the department uses the Daily Activity Report, which is available in PDF and FileMaker format on the PR&F website at:

Daily Activity Report for Multiple Accounts

If the employee works for more than one account during a given pay period, the department uses the Daily Activity Report for Multiple Accounts, which is available in PDF and FileMaker format on the PR&F website at:

Enter the hours worked for either the first half of the month (days 1-15), or for the second half of the month (days 16-31).

Time Clock Card

Time clock cards may be substituted for Daily Activity Reports.

Alternate Time/Piece Record

Alternate time records may be substituted for Daily Activity Reports if HRS approves the alternate time/piece record prior to department use.

HRS maintains a record of all units requesting and using alternate time/piece records. HRS also maintains a copy of the alternate time/piece record used by each requesting unit.

Records Retention

The department is to maintain each Daily Activity Report, time clock card, and/or alternate time/piece record for six years after the end of the fiscal year. See BPPM 90.01 for more about records retention.