Office of Procedures, Records, and Forms Business Policies and Procedures Manual

Revised 5-11

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Bookstore Services

Students Book Corporation

The Students Book Corporation, operating as the Bookstore, sells supplies, books and other merchandise. The Bookstore gives emphasis to book offerings and directly related services. All capital stock of the Students Book Corporation is the property of the students of Washington State University and held in trust by the Board of Regents of Washington State University.

Ordering Textbooks and Supplies

Faculty Order

WSU faculty at all WSU campuses order student textbooks and supplies through the Bookstore. The Bookstore distributes a packet of information that describes how to order textbooks to each department head for distribution to the faculty.

Submitting Orders

Faculty submit textbook orders directly to the Bookstore. Submittal of orders may be by e-mail, telephone, submittal of paper documents, in person, or using the online tool at the Bookstore website. Use of the online tool is preferred. Access this online ordering tool at:

Select “Faculty” and follow the prompts to establish an account and submit textbook orders. All recommended reading lists and titles of supplemental texts should also be submitted by the faculty member at order time.


Approximate ordering deadlines (Exact dates are included in the distributed packet.) Summer session — On or near the second week of March Fall semester — On or near the first week of April Spring semester — On or near October 1 The Bookstore does not keep books from one semester to the next unless the book is used the following semester. Unsold books which are not reordered are returned to the publisher at mid-semester.

Ensure Book Arrivals

Each faculty member is encouraged to check the Bookstore’s Book Department two or three weeks before classes begin to ensure the correct texts and quantities have arrived.

Class Size Increases

If the class size is greater than anticipated, the faculty member should inform the Book Department at once.

Purchasing From the Bookstore

A purchase from the Bookstore is considered a purchase from an outside vendor. All usual purchasing policies apply (see BPPM 70.07, 70.08, and 70.10).

Pricing Policy

The Bookstore prices new textbooks at the suggested publisher’s list price. New books receive a ten percent point of sale discount when the book is purchased. The Bookstore prices used textbooks at seventy-five percent of the suggested publisher’s list price. Used books receive a ten percent point of sale discount when the book is purchased. Required supplies are priced at the manufacturer’s suggested list price. Departments receive a ten percent discount on all purchases, excluding textbooks.