Office of Procedures, Records, and Forms Business Policies and Procedures Manual

Revised 12-08

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   Central Receiving and Delivery


Freight Discount Contracts

Preferred Carriers

WSU has pricing agreements with a number of preferred freight carriers. Pricing agreements apply to both inbound and outbound freight for all WSU units, including branch campuses and research stations. Pricing agreements apply to intrastate, interstate, and international shipments.


There are several advantages to using a preferred carrier to ship freight:

  • Cost savings
  • Improved service
  • Faster transit times
  • Less damage
  • Faster claim settlement
Discount Pricing

The pricing agreements provide discounted pricing on all shipments charged to the accounts established for WSU. In order to obtain discount pricing, departments must:

  • Request freight collect shipment.
  • Provide correct account numbers.
  • Provide the appropriate shipping address.
Pricing Agreement Assistance

Contact Central Receiving and Delivery for questions about preferred carrier pricing agreements; telephone 509-335-4529.

Small Package Delivery Shipments

The State of Washington contracts with FedEx and UPS provide all WSU departments with discounted rates for small package delivery, i.e., shipments weighing 150 pounds or less.

Contact Central Receiving and Delivery for contract account numbers and current pricing information; telephone 509-335-4153.

Less than TruckLoad (LTL) Shipments

The following freight vendors are the preferred carriers for less than truckload (LTL) shipments:

  • USF Reddaway
  • Fast Way Freight Systems
  • ABF Freight System
  • Oak Harbor Freight Lines
  • Peninsula Truck Lines
  • Midwest Motors
  • Old Dominion Freight Line
  • Spokane Transfer
  • SAIA Motor Freight Line
TruckLoad Shipments

CTX Transport is the preferred carrier for full truckload shipments.

Freight Management

Incoming Shipments

By applying the procedures below, a department obtains the lowest shipping rates available for incoming shipments.

Select Preferred Carrier

A shipment weighing 150 pounds or less may be shipped by a small package carrier such as FedEx or UPS, or by one of the LTL preferred carriers listed under Less than Truckload (LTL) Shipments above. Select one of the WSU preferred LTL carriers to ship single-piece shipments weighing over 200 pounds or multiple-piece less than truckload shipments. See the list of LTL preferred carriers under Less than Truckload (LTL) Shipments above. Select the WSU preferred truckload carrier (CTX Transport) to ship full truckload shipments. Using WSU preferred carriers, freight service is available to the entire lower 48 states, areas in Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, and Mexico. Contact Central Receiving and Delivery for further information about carrier shipping locations.

Request “Freight Collect”

To obtain discounted rates, request that the vendor ship “freight collect” using one of the University’s preferred carriers. When goods are shipped freight collect, the carrier bills WSU for shipping. Freight collect shipping costs include only the actual cost of transportation and are not included in the vendor invoice for the goods.

Charge to Preferred Carrier Account Number

Charge shipping costs to the preferred carrier account number established between WSU and the carrier. Contact Central Receiving and Delivery for preferred carrier account numbers. All preferred carriers automatically charge all freight collect shipments for WSU at the agreed rate when the shipping address includes “Washington State University.” The attention line of shipping address must include department name and purchase order number or blanket order number.

Request Delivery Address
Pullman Campus Only

In order to receive preferred carrier discounts, incoming shipments to Pullman campus units must be delivered to Central Receiving and Delivery. Central Receiving and Delivery then delivers the items to the proper departments/units.

Non-Pullman Locations

In order to receive preferred carrier discounts for incoming shipments to non-Pullman campus units, packages must be delivered to the receiving and delivery department for that campus location. The campus receiving and delivery department then delivers the items to appropriate unit.

Outgoing Shipments

Complete a Request for Shipment of Merchandise and contact the campus receiving and delivery department to process an outgoing shipment (see BPPM 80.15). The receiving and delivery department at each campus location may directly obtain the most favorable rates or may contact Central Receiving and Delivery at WSU Pullman; telephone 509-335-4529.

Tracking Shipments

Most preferred LTL carriers provide a website for shipment tracking. Departments may also contact Central Receiving and Delivery to track shipments.

Federal Express (FedEx)

To access FedEx tracking information, go to:

United Parcel Service (UPS)

To access UPS tracking information, go to:

Damaged Shipments

Call Central Receiving and Delivery or the non-Pullman campus receiving and delivery department immediately for assistance with damaged shipments. Departments must file claims for damaged freight within five working days of receiving the merchandise. Retain all packaging and documents for the damaged goods. Complete a Request for Shipment of Merchandise if damaged items are to be returned to the vendor (see BPPM 80.15).