Office of Procedures, Records, and Forms Business Policies and Procedures Manual

Revised 1-21

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Accessing Workday Modules


University departments use modules and functions in the Workday system to conduct various University functions. For security reasons, the University controls access to Workday modules and functions.

Access to specific Workday modules and functions is assigned based upon work roles performed by an employee. Role-based security assignments are linked to a position. Additional user-based security access may also be assigned to an employee based upon additional tasks which they need to perform that are not covered by their role-based security assignments.

To authorize, remove, or change an employee’s access to a Workday module and/or function, departmental personnel complete and route a request to approve or assign security groups or access requests, or a request for security changes in Workday. Completion and routing instructions for these requests are included in the following Workday Security reference guides:

  • Security Access Request for Security Partner
  • Security Access Request for PII Approver
  • Security Access Request for Role Assigner

NOTE: When an employee transfers to another department, the former department must review and remove any user-based security assignments for the employee. (See the Workday reference guides listed above for instructions.)


Many Workday modules and functions provide access to sensitive University data. Administrators are to exercise discretion when authorizing employee access to University systems and data. University employees with a demonstrated “need-to-know” may access Workday information. Administrators are responsible for ensuring that authorized employees are aware of data security requirements. See EP37 and BPPM Chapter 87 regarding information security requirements.

Release of Data

University employees and administrators are to refer questions regarding release of data in a Workday module or function to the responsible administrative office. Data is released in accordance with regulations in BPPM 90.05, 90.06, and 90.07.

Privacy Training

Each employee receiving access to any Workday module/function which involves student records must complete the online student records privacy training before access is given. To access the online training, select the FERPA Training link on the Registrar’s Office Network website.

Employees must take FERPA training every three years to be current and eligible for access to student systems.


Help and documentation are available in the Workday reference guides for most Workday functions.


Training for commonly-used Workday modules and functions is provided by the Modernization Initiative and the responsible administrative office.

Request Completion

See the applicable Workday Security reference guides for instructions on requesting and approving role-based security requests for access to Workday modules and functions.