Office of Procedures, Records, and Forms Business Policies and Procedures Manual

Revised 6-07

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Illness or Injury While on Travel Status

Illness / Injury

When a University traveler on official WSU business is incapacitated due to an injury or illness, the traveler is to contact his or her supervisor as soon as possible. The “prompt return” requirement (see BPPM 95.01) may be waived for health and safety concerns. (SAAM 10.10.35)

When a traveler takes leave of absence of any kind due to being incapacitated due to illness or injury, not due to the employee’s own misconduct, the authorized reimbursement for subsistence and lodging may be continued during the leave period. (SAAM 10.20.50.a)

When a traveler takes leave of absence of any kind as a result of illness or injury that is due to the traveler’s own misconduct, the authorized reimbursement for meals, lodging, transportation, and all other travel expenditures may not be continued during the leave period. (SAAM 10.20.50.b)

Cost of Returning

Food and lodging reimbursement is usually not allowed if the dollar amount exceeds the total transportation cost of returning the employee to the official residence and sending him or her back to the temporary work station after recovery.

EXAMPLE: The traveler is scheduled to conduct a seminar in Chicago from Monday through Friday. She is ill on Tuesday. She is eligible for sick leave and can collect reimbursement for Tuesday’s food and lodging because travel costs to Pullman and back to Chicago would cost more than daily food and lodging expenses.

Hospitalization/Medical Costs

Hospitalization and medical costs are covered by the University’s medical insurance plans. Workers’ compensation may support medical costs related to job-related accidents (see SPPM 2.30).

Travel Expense Voucher

Include an explanation of the health or safety issue on the traveler’s Travel Expense Voucher. Include the name of the supervisor who approved the emergency alteration of travel plans and the approval date. When leave of absence of any kind is taken while in travel status, the traveler enters the exact hour the leave begins and ends on the Travel Expense Voucher. See BPPM 95.20 for Travel Expense Voucher instructions.

Accident/Illness Report

Upon return, the employee’s supervisor reports any incurred occupational injuries or illnesses to the Benefit Services Office on an Accidental Injury/Occupational Illness Report (see SPPM 2.24.)

Time/Leave Reporting

The employee records sick leave used on the appropriate form, i.e., Time Report or Leave Report.