Office of Procedures, Records, and Forms

BPPM Revision Memorandum


May 30, 1997

TO: Manual Users
FROM: Ralph Jenks, Manager
SUBJECT: Business Policies and Procedures Manual
Revision Letter Number One Hundred Three



With this memorandum, we are announcing the new online Business Policies and Procedures Manual. We are replacing the old paper and Gopher versions with two more up-to-date online manual formats. To access the new manual, point your WWW browser (e.g., Netscape) to the following location:

You may access a text-only version in HTML (hypertext markup language) or a text and graphics version in PDF (portable document format). Obtain or download Adobe Acrobat Reader to read the PDF version of the BPPM. At our WWW site, we have included a link to facilitate downloading Acrobat Reader. (Adobe does not charge for Acrobat Reader. )

This office will no longer distribute paper manuals or send out paper revisions. If you wish to maintain your existing paper copy, we suggest that you print pages from the online PDF version. The PDF pages look like the existing hard-copy manual pages and include the forms and form samples. If you no longer wish to maintain your paper manual, please return it to the Office of Procedures and Forms at ITB 3089, mail code 1225.

The online manual includes all sections formerly available in the paper manual with the exception of the Subject Index. Use the search functions, tables of contents, and Forms Index to find information and forms.

We hope that you will continue to find the BPPM to be useful guide for conducting University business. The new online capability will give us the ability to instantly update sections as required, reducing the lag period between development and distribution of polices and procedures. With online distribution, you will no longer wonder whether you have the most recent pages in your manual.

We feel that using the online manual is relatively easy for those who are already familiar with using WWW browsers. For others, the Office of Procedures and Forms will conduct training sessions at times and locations to be announced. In the meantime, direct questions to the Office of Procedures and Forms at 335-2005.

For future revisions, we will notify University users of BPPM revisions by issuing e-mail messages on WSU Announcements. (To subscribe to WSU Announcements refer to the information at the following WWW location:


This BPPM revision includes the following changes:

Departmental Inventory System 20.51

Departmental property items with a value of less than $5000 may be included in the Departmental Inventory System.

Budget Statement 30.07

This small revision encourages departments to use online Account Balances for budget reference and reconciliation.

Invention Ownership and Disclosure 35.50

The Office of Intellectual Property Administration has updated the Invention Disclosure form.

Departmental Payroll Processing 55.22

This new section describes the new online HEPPS application for reporting positive pay and reviewing Payroll Expenditure Audit Reports.

Position Control-Summary 58.01

Position Control has updated this section. Watch for updates to other Position Control sections in coming months.

Benefit Transfer for Previous State of Washington Employment 60.19

Human Resource Services has updated and renamed the Employment Record Request (formerly the Employment and Benefit Record Request). Use this form to obtain employment information from a state of Washington agency that previously employed a new WSU employee.

Training and Development 60.71

Human Resource Services has updated the Training Report form. Individuals who attend WSU training sessions are to complete Training Reports.

Unemployment Compensation Claims 60.79

Route all notices and requests regarding unemployment compensation for former employees to Human Resource Services. HRS completes the documentation and returns it to the requesting agency.

Ordering Alcoholic Beverages 70.29

The CUB Administrative Office has updated the Banquet Permit Authorization which is used to obtain approval to serve alcohol at University events.

Requesting CMS Access for Classes 80.31

We have removed this obsolete section from the BPPM.

Accessing Administrative Information Systems 80.33

This updated section reflects the addition of several new AIS online applications. It includes an exhibit and description of the new AIS Access Request form issued in January.

Minor Construction, Renovation, Remodeling, and Demolition 80.56

Facilities Development has updated the procedure for requesting and managing minor construction projects.