Office of Procedures, Records, and Forms

BPPM Revision Memorandum


January 20, 2004

TO: Manual Users
FROM: Ralph Jenks, Manager
SUBJECT: Business Policies and Procedures Manual
Revision Letter Number Two Hundred Forty


This BPPM revision includes the following changes:

Departmental Payroll Processing 55.22

This revision updates the retention procedures for the Payroll Expenditure Audit Report (PEAR).

Departments access the PEARs from the Department Payroll Processing Application (DEPTPAY), which is a secured application within the HEPPS Administrative Information System. (See 85.33 for HEPPS access information.)

Departments which retain PEARs in digital format must select the Document file type and the PEAR data with comments record format from within the DEPTPAY to satisfy audit requirements.

Release of Student Education Records 90.06

Questions regarding the disclosure of student education records are to be directed to the Student Records Officer in the Registrar’s Office, instead of the Public Records Officer in Business Affairs.