Office of Procedures, Records, and Forms

BPPM Revision Memorandum


October 18, 2004

TO: Manual Users
FROM: Ralph Jenks, Manager
SUBJECT: Business Policies and Procedures Manual
Revision Letter Number Two Hundred Forty-Nine


This BPPM revision includes the following changes:

Internal Audits 30.12

Internal Audit has changed the routing of audit reports.

Returned Checks–Prevention and Processing 30.58

This revision increases the returned check fee from $15 to $30.

Special Course Fees for Computer Laboratories 30.96

University Receivables has updated the information concerning limits on special course fees.

Volunteers 60.81

Departments are to report volunteer activity on a monthly, rather than quarterly, basis. Benefit Services has changed the name of the reporting form from Volunteer Quarterly Report to Volunteer Monthly Report. A PDF version of the form is available on 60.81.7. NOTE: Effective October 20, 2004, an automated template of the form will be available from the Procedures and Forms FileMaker Pro website.

Benefit Services has also updated the recordkeeping requirements and the procedures for monthly reporting of volunteer activity.

Relocation Expenses 70.30

This section is moved to 70.61: Employee Household Moves. See below.

Taxable Relocation Expenses 70.34

This section is moved to 70.62: Taxable Relocation Expenses. See below.

Tax Exemption Certification 70.42

Machinery and equipment purchased for University research and development activities may qualify for exemption of state sales and use tax. This new section provides procedures for determination and certification of equipment and machinery items qualify for tax exempt status.

Relocation Expense Overview 70.60

This new section summarizes all available options for payment of expenses and reimbursements related to relocating new or transferring employees.

Employee Household Moves 70.61

This revision incorporates material from section 70.30 (which is moved to this section, 70.61) and integrates the information with related sections 70.60 and 70.62.

Taxable Relocation Expenses 70.62

This revision includes a revised Relocation Expense Request form (see 70.62.4) and instructions for payment of a relocation allowance from state funds. The section number is changed to 70.62 from 70.34.

Telephone/Network Installation and Repair 85.39

Information Technology Services has updated the procedures for departments to request telephone and network service changes and repairs. This revision includes links and instructions for accessing the new ITS Communications and Network Services online service request system.

The PDF form, Telecommunications Service Request (85.39.7), is removed.

Remote Internet Access Service 85.40

This revision updates the procedures for users to request remote Internet access service, obtain information, and view billing reports through the ITS Communications and Network Services website.

The PDF form, Remote Internet Access Service Request (85.40.3), is removed.

Toll Call Authorization 85.41

Information Technology Services has updated the procedures for users to request long-distance telephone services, obtain assistance, and view billing reports through the ITS Communications and Network Services website.

The PDF form, Toll Call Authorization (85.41.3), is removed.

Communications and Network Services Charge Detail and Summary Reports 85.42

The name of this section is changed from Telecommunications Billing Detail and Summary Reports.

This revision updates the review procedures and examples of the monthly charge detail and summary reports that ITS provides for departments through the ITS Communications and Network Services website.

Telephone Dialing Procedures 85.44

Five-digit telephone numbers for WSU ICN Yakima and Yakima Community College are added to the on-campus and intercampus calling list.

Travel Payments From Third Parties 95.16

This revision includes the following changes to this section:

  • Removes a prohibition against the third party directly reimbursing the traveler.
  • Adds a reference to the Faculty Manual policy on honoraria.
  • Provides a procedure for payment of an honorarium to a traveler if the third-party payment is made to the University.

Travel Expense Voucher 95.20

This revision provides procedures and adds a form for employees to request direct bank deposits of travel reimbursements. The form may also be used to request direct deposit of accounts payable reimbursements. See 95.20.23.