Office of Procedures, Records, and Forms

BPPM Revision Memorandum


August 12, 2005

TO: Manual Users
FROM: Ralph Jenks, Manager
SUBJECT: Business Policies and Procedures Manual
Revision Letter Number Two Hundred Sixty-Four


This BPPM revision includes the following changes:

Form: Invention Disclosure (Standard) 35.50.5-10
Form: Invention Disclosure (Engineering) 35.50.11-14
Form: Invention Disclosure (Software) 35.50.15-19

The Office of Intellectual Property Administration has updated the contributors/inventors section and added signature lines for administrative approval of invention disclosures by an additional director or chair and an additional dean or chancellor.

Salary Review–Administrative Professional Staff 60.12

This revision updates the circumstances which may result in salary adjustments for administrative professional employees. References to “classified staff positions” are changed to “civil service or collective bargaining unit positions” in accordance with the new civil service rules.

Leave Report for Overtime-Exempt (Excepted) Classified Employees 60.62

This revision updates the leave reporting procedures for overtime-exempt civil service and excepted collective bargaining unit employees.

Human Resource Services (HRS) records the use and donation of shared leave for these employees on the Classified Leave Reports.

The title of this section is changed from Leave Report for Excepted Work Period Classified Staff.

Tuition Waivers–Fall and Spring Semesters 60.70

This revision updates the lists of eligible and ineligible individuals.

Fees must be paid by the second Friday of classes.

The Tuition Fee Waiver Request for WSU Vancouver (60.70.8-9) is removed.