Office of Procedures, Records, and Forms

BPPM Revision Memorandum


September 1, 2006

TO: Manual Users
FROM: Ralph Jenks, Manager
SUBJECT: Business Policies and Procedures Manual
Revision Letter Number Two Hundred Eighty-Six


This BPPM revision includes the following changes:

Preemployment Background Checks 60.16

This new section provides policy and procedures for obtaining preemployment background checks.

Expenditure Objects and Subobjects 70.09

This revision updates the definitions of the basic expenditure types. A table is added to assist users with the selection of object codes 03 (Goods and Services), 06 (Equipment–Capitalized), 08 (Grants and Subsidies), 15 (Merchandise for Resale), and 16 (Equipment–Noncapitalized).

The ceiling level for goods and services is raised from $300 to $5,000.

All-University Records Retention Schedule: Safety Records 90.01.45-48

This revision adds records retention minimum requirements for the following records series titles to the All-University Records Retention Schedule:

  • Emergency Response Plan Files
  • Safety Drills/Disaster Recovery Exercise
  • Security Recordings