Office of Procedures, Records, and Forms

BPPM Revision Memorandum


July 13, 2007

TO: Manual Users
FROM: Ralph Jenks, Manager
SUBJECT: Business Policies and Procedures Manual
Revision Letter Number Three Hundred


This BPPM revision includes the following changes:

Delegation of Contractual Authority 10.10

This housekeeping revision removes the reference to specific dates for Regents’ delegation to the President to handle matters pertaining to the general business and financial affairs, organization, and management of the University.

State of Washington Invoice Voucher 30.45

This new section adds a PDF version of the State of Washington Invoice Voucher to the BPPM. Links are provided in this section to the 14 BPPM sections and one SPPM section that include procedures for submitting State of Washington Invoice Vouchers for various types of transactions.

Cash Handling 30.53

This revision adds PDF versions of the Cash Deposit Report form in half-sheet and full-sheet sizes on pages 30.53.8 and 30.53.9.

Delegation of Appointing Authority 60.10

This housekeeping change removes references to specific Board of Regents resolutions authorizing appointing authority to the WSU President.

Reporting Daily Activity for Temporary Employees 60.61

This revision:

  • Includes a requirement for temporary employees to submit a separate time/piece record for each pay period worked.
  • Adds supervisors’ requirements. A supervisor is not to sign a time/piece report until the employee completes working all of her or his hours for the pay period. In order to maintain the integrity of the pay-affecting document, the supervisor must not return the report to the employee after signing.
  • Adds a Daily Activity Report for Multiple Accounts form. This form is available in a PDF version on 60.61.4.

Release Time for Training 60.72

The purpose of this revision is to clarify and add authority to the supervisor’s role in determining , approving, and denying training.

The revised section includes the following changes:

  • Prior to approving more than 20 hours of release time, a supervisor may ask the employee to submit a training plan outlining his or her development goals.
  • The supervisor determines whether or not hours devoted to directed or required training may be included as part of the employee’s annual release time total.
  • Online learning resource information is added.
  • The list of reasons for which a supervisor may deny a request for release time is expanded.
  • An employee may report patterns of repeated denials to the area’s appointing authority or Human Resource Services when a supervisor does not provide justification for the denials or make alternate arrangements.

Employee Assistance Program 60.86

This revision:

  • Updates the issues and services covered by the University and state Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs).
  • Updates the eligibility requirements and procedures for Pullman and non-Pullman personnel to obtain confidential, professional assessment and referral services.
  • Moves responsibility for this section from Business Affairs to Human Resource Services.

Requesting Facilities Operations Services 80.45

This new section provides procedures for departments to request services and notifications of building or campus events, such as road closures. WSU Pullman Facilities Operations recommends that Pullman campus departments use the myFacilities website to request services and notifications. The revision also includes procedures for WSU Pullman and regional campus departments to request campus Facilities Operations services and event notifications.

Use of Social Security Number on Forms 90.78

This revision clarifies when a disclosure notice is required and when it is not required.

Motor Pool 95.35

This revision updates driver responsibilities for daily visual vehicle inspections for long-term rentals.

Facilities Operations’ Plant Services and Risk Management evaluate vehicle or property damage potentially resulting from gross negligence, abuse, neglect, or added-on devices or accessories. The evaluation determines whether the department or Plant Services is chargeable for the vehicle repair.

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