Office of Procedures, Records, and Forms

BPPM Revision Memorandum


DATE: January 22, 2010
FROM: Office of Procedures, Records, and Forms
TO: Manual Users
SUBJECT: Business Policies and Procedures Manual
Revision Letter Number Three Hundred Fifty-Four


This BPPM revision includes the following changes:

International Agreements and Memorandums of Understanding 10.42

This revision updates the process and approvals required to execute a Memorandum of Understanding and an International Agreement with an organization located in a foreign country.

The title of this section is changed from International Partnership Agreements and Memorandums of Understanding.

Surplus Property 20.76

This revision provides for exceptions to the set priority order of disposal methods when approved and legal.

Partner and Spouse Accommodation 60.15

This minor amendment:

  • Adds Human Resource Services (HRS) to the list of offices which serve as resources for questions regarding partner accommodation.
  • Clarifies the definition of domestic partner for the purposes of this policy.
  • Adds state registration of the domestic partnership as a type of documentation that may be used to demonstrate a domestic partner relationship.

Personnel/Position/Payroll Electronic Routing Management System (PERMS) 60.25

This minor amendment returns the old PDF-version Personnel Action form to the section to allow manual processing of personnel actions in unusual situations when departments are unable to submit personnel actions through PERMS.

Shared Leave 60.58

This minor amendment adds state-registered domestic partner to the list of applicable relatives for the purpose of requesting shared leave for an employee’s, relative’s, or household member’s extraordinary or severe illness, injury, impairment, or physical or mental condition which is serious, extreme, and/or life-threatening.

Moving Services at WSU Pullman 80.48

This revision updates the policy for moving services provided by Heavy Equipment in Facilities Operations’ Plant Services Division at WSU Pullman. Heavy Equipment provides all moving services on a recharge basis.

A department is not required to use this service if it can provide the necessary labor and equipment from within the department to move items as needed.

Non-Pullman departments are to contact the campus facilities department for information regarding campus moving services. The title of this section is changed from Minor Moves.