Office of Procedures, Records, and Forms Policies and Procedures Revisions

SPPM Revision Memorandum

November 29, 2001

TO: Manual Users
FROM: Ralph Jenks, Manager
SUBJECT: Safety Policies and Procedures Manual
Revision Letter Number Forty-One


This SPPM revision includes the following changes:

Introduction to the Manual S03.01

This update adds a review procedure for sections which have not been revised in over three years.

Using the Manual S03.02

Procedures and Forms has updated the list of additional policy information sources.

Health and Safety Organization Chart S10.10

This revision updates the organization chart for WSU’s health and safety offices to reflect current practices. NOTE: This organization chart shows only offices involved with University health and safety.

Job Safety Analysis S20.35

Environmental Health and Safety has removed this section from the SPPM.

Prescription Eyewear Program S30.30

This revision updates the approval, funding, hazard assessment, and purchasing procedures for departments electing to provide prescription safety glasses for employees.