Office of Procedures, Records, and Forms

Student Involvement Information

The Office of Procedures, Records, and Forms publishes the following information for WSU Student Involvement. For questions about the content of the following information, please contact Student Involvement at

S&A Fee Guidelines Brochure

The S&A Fee Guidelines brochure provides University organizations funded by S&A fees with an overview of the more important rules that apply to S&A fee expenditures.

View or download the S&A Fee Guidelines Brochure online at:

To obtain booklet-size copies of this brochure or for more information, contact Student Involvement; telephone 509-335-9667 or go to the Student Involvement website.

ASWSU Payment Authorization Form

The ASWSU Payment Authorization form is used to provide payment for elected officers of ASWSU for authorized stipends paid each year.

The  ASWSU Payment Authorization is password protected and may be downloaded in PDF or FileMaker format.

Download:   PDF   |  FileMaker (version 12 or higher)

For more information and to obtain the access password, contact Student Involvement; telephone 509-335-1018.