Office of Procedures, Records, and Forms Safety Policies and Procedures Manual

Revised 1-18

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Introduction to the Safety Policies and Procedures Manual


The WSU Safety Policies and Procedures Manual (SPPM) is the primary publication used by the University administration to distribute safety and health information, directives, policies, and regulations to the University community. See the SPPM Table of Contents, for the complete list of subjects that the SPPM covers. Business-related health and safety functions, e.g., insurance and risk management, are described in Chapter 50 of the Business Policies and Procedures Manual (BPPM) and EP6 of the Executive Policy Manual. Topics in the SPPM have general interest to many or all University departments. The SPPM does not include sections that exclusively describe internal central administration procedures or procedures that impact only one or two University units. While the substance of the SPPM is established by administrators, the Office of Procedures, Records, and Forms (PR&F) is responsible for editing the material prior to publication. This practice ensures consistent language, organization, and format throughout the SPPM and promotes comprehension and access.


PR&F maintains HTML and PDF versions of the SPPM. In the event of a conflict between the HTML and PDF versions of the SPPM, the PDF is the authoritative version. Access both manual versions through the PR&F website.

Unit administrators are responsible for ensuring that unit employees and students have ready access online for viewing the SPPM.

Management OF SPPM 

Initiating Changes

University health and safety offices initiate revisions or additions of most material included in the SPPM. Any University-affiliated individual may suggest revisions or additions to the SPPM. If the suggesting individual is not affiliated with a University health or safety office, they should route the suggestion to the administrator of the responsible health or safety office (see SPPM 1.30). If the responsible health or safety office determines that the suggestion has merit, that office forwards the proposed revision to PR&F. PR&F rewrites or edits the material as necessary. This practice ensures consistent language, organization, and format throughout the SPPM and promotes comprehension and access.

Review and Approval

University health and safety officials and administrators who are responsible for edited content approve the policies and procedures. Final approval is obtained in accordance with Executive Policy 5.

Notification of Revisions

When an SPPM revision is approved and published online, PR&F places a revision notification in WSU Insider with general information about changes in policy or procedure. Copies of revision notifications may also be viewed from the PR&F Revision Announcements webpage.

Outdated Material

Issuing departments are responsible for ensuring that the policy/procedure sections in the SPPM reflect current practices. Departments are to periodically review the sections and update the documents as necessary in conformance with University procedures (see EP5). In order to maintain current information in the SPPM, PR&F also manages a review process.

First Review Request

When a section appears to contain outdated material, PR&F sends an Existing Section Review Request and a copy of the section to the responsible administrator. The administrator determines whether or not the section requires updating. If the section requires updating, the administrator indicates the items to be changed on the review request form or attached copy. The administrator returns the signed review request and section to PR&F by the “Respond By” date.

Second Review Request

If PR&F receives no reply within one month from the first respond date, copies of an Existing Section Review Request and the section are sent to the responsible administrator and the unit’s executive administrator.

Final Review Request

If PR&F receives no reply within one month from the second respond date, a final request may be sent to the unit’s executive administrator. If PR&F determines that the existing section information no longer reflects University practices, the final request may include notification of the anticipated removal date.

Removal of Section

PR&F removes the outdated section from the SPPM within one month from the final request date.

Organization of the SPPM 

Refer to the main table of contents to locate chapters. Selecting a chapter takes the viewer to the table of contents for that chapter. For ease of use, sections or topics may be found by accessing the search engine available in the left navigation bar on the PR&F website.


The manual is divided into chapters that broadly reflect various University health and safety functions. Chapters are listed in the main table of contents.


Each chapter includes several sections. Each section is intended to provide functional information regarding a specified topic. A table of contents that lists the sections found in each chapter is located by selecting the actively linked chapter name in the main table of contents.

Page Identification

The following numbered descriptions coincide with the information included in each page heading (Figure 1).

Page heading example
Figure 1
(1) Chapter Title

The chapter title identifies what SPPM chapter the page belongs in.

(2) Page Number

The page number includes a chapter number, section number, and the sequential page number for the section. These numbers are divided by periods.

(3) Issue Date

Each page heading includes the date it was issued or revised, i.e., New 10-16 or Revised 6-17. If the administrators determine that a section does not require revision after receiving a review request from PR&F, the page heading is revised to include the date the section was last reviewed, e.g., Reviewed 4-15 (Figure 2). (See Outdated Material.)

Page heading example
Figure 2
(4) Contact Information

The name and telephone number of the WSU unit responsible for the section is included to enable users to contact personnel who can resolve questions about the policy or procedure. If more than one unit is responsible for a particular section, all of the responsible units are listed. NOTE: Sections owned by a large number of units do not include the unit names and telephone numbers in the header. Responsible unit information is then provided in the section text.

(5) Section Title

The section title is included in the page heading to identify the SPPM section to which individual pages belong.

Identifying Revised Information

Substantive revisions are identified by a black line in the left margin of the PDF version.

References and Other Sources

Additional information may be available from sources cited throughout the manual. Those commonly cited include: