Executive Policy Manual


The Executive Policy Manual includes University system policies approved by the University President, typically upon the recommendation of the President’s designated policy advisory committee, and in some cases, approved by the Board of Regents.

Policy Number / Title Date Approved
EP1: Policy on Budget Responsibility January 1, 2021
EP2: Policy for Allocating Facilities and Administrative Cost Recovery Funds April 12, 2021
EP3: Salary Accrual and Allocation Adjustment Policy January 1, 2021
EP4: Electronic Communication Policy: Policy on Electronic Publishing and Appropriate Use of Information Technology Resources October 23, 2015
EP5: Policy on Policies November 2, 2022
EP6: Policy on Risk Management August 9, 2023
EP7: Electronic and Information Technology (EIT) Accessibility Policy November 13, 2023
EP8: WSU System Data Policies February 28, 2022
EP9: Facility Naming Policy December 14, 2022
EP10: Summer Session Tuition and Services and Activities Fees Policy May 3, 2019
EP11: Post-Season Athletic Competitions and Events: Attendance, Travel, Souvenirs, and Team Gifts November 29, 2011
EP12: Equal Employment Opportunity Policy January 25, 2024
EP14: Protection and Safety of Minors September 13, 2023
EP15: Policy Prohibiting Discrimination and Harassment May 3, 2023
EP16: University Network Policies September 3, 2003
EP17: Policy on Sales of Goods and Services November 20, 1987
EP19: Permissible Uses of Washington State University Leased Lands September 19, 2003
EP20: Alcohol and Drug Policy November 2, 2022
EP21: University Domain Name Policy March 26, 2021
EP24: Washington State University Sustainability Initiative February 12, 2018
EP25 Executive Policy on Emergency Management and Safety Plans July 17, 2015
EP26 Internal Investigations Training and Policy January 13, 2020
EP27: University Research Personnel Conflict of Interest, Technology Transfer, and State Ethics Requirements January 19, 2023
EP29: Policies, Responsibilities, and Authorities for the Operation of Multi-Campus Academic Programs December 15, 2015
EP30: WSU Pullman Parking Ticket Disposition Policy February 16, 2017
EP32: Facility Design Review Policy August 15, 2011
EP33: Responding to Allegations of Research Misconduct November 2, 2022
EP34: Washington State University Online Program Policy June 23, 2016
EP35: Washington State University Space Allocation Policies April 16, 2014
EP36: Text Messaging Policy January 20, 2017
EP37: WSU Information Security Policy February 28, 2022
EP38: University Policies on Intellectual Property, Technology Transfer, and Commercialization June 5, 2023
EP39: WSU Service and Support Animals Policy March 25, 2019
EP40: HIPAA Hybrid Entity Designation Policy May 6, 2024
EP41: Policy on Tribal Engagement, Consultation, and Consent for Joint WSU-Tribal Research Activities and Projects October 11, 2021
EP42: Policy on Threat Assessment March 7, 2022
EP43: Prevention of Infectious Diseases with Vaccines and Screening August 1, 2022
EP44: Athletics Gender Equity Policy October 5, 2022
EP45: University Ethics Policy

— Form: Compensated Outside Scholarship Activities Disclosure and Pre-Approval Request (PDF)

August 9, 2023
EP46: Registered Sex Offender and Kidnapping Offender Policy October 5, 2023
EP47: Coordination of Police and Public Safety Services December 1, 2023