Mission Statement

Policies, Records, and Forms (PRF) promotes WSU’s operational efficiency and supports compliance with legal requirements and best practices, thereby advancing WSU’s mission, vision, and values. PRF accomplishes this by fulfilling four primary functions:

  • Assisting with drafting and developing WSU policies
  • Coordinating the review, publication, and retention of WSU system administrative policies
  • Managing WSU’s administrative rulemaking process
  • Administering WSU’s records retention program

Policy Publications and Services

Administrative Policies

PRF publishes systemwide administrative policies and procedures (and related forms) in the following online manuals:

Other University Policies

Other University policies and rules are available at University Policies and Rules.

Policy Development and Review

PRF helps WSU employees and units with developing, drafting, editing, and reviewing policies and procedures. PRF also coordinates the administrative policy approval process.

Administrative Rules (Washington Administrative Code)

PRF manages the University’s rule-making process, including the development, review, approval, amendment, and repeal of WAC 504 (WSU’s Washington Administrative Code rules). The director serves as the Washington State Rules Coordinator for WSU.

Records Management

PRF administers revisions to all WSU records retention schedules and assists departments with records retention and disposition in accordance with RCW 40.14 (Preservation and Destruction of Public Records). The director serves as the WSU Records Officer.