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Proposed WAC Changes

Emergency Rules

Undergraduate Housing Requirement

Effective June 30, 2020, the University made the following emergency rule changes to the Washington Administrative Code:

  • WAC 504-24-030 Undergraduate Housing Requirement
PURPOSE: The emergency rule change for WAC 504-24-030 is being implemented as a result of the public health emergency resulting from COVID-19 and guidance/directives from public health officials, and is requested in order to (a) update and clarify procedural guidelines, (b) better allow the institution to respond to emergent student needs and special circumstances, and (c) delegate authority at the appropriate institutional level. This change is needed immediately in order to accommodate students, comply with guidance and directives from public health officials, and prepare for the fall 2020 term.

To view the text of these emergency rules, see WSR 20-14-109 at the Code Reviser’s Office Washington State Register website:

Permanent rules are currently being developed.