Forms managed by the Office of Policies, Records, and Forms (PR&F) are available through the Forms Index. Links to PDF  and Excel forms are also available in the Business Policies and Procedures Manual, Safety Policy and Procedures Manual, and Executive Policy Manual.

Note: With the exception of the forms listed under Publicly Accessible Forms, a WSU network user ID and password are required to access all forms managed by PR&F.

Formats Available

The forms are available in one or more of the following formats.


A PDF reader application is necessary to view PDF files.  Adobe Acrobat Reader is the most popular free PDF reader software available, and it is often included on new PCs.  However, there are many other free PDF reader software options available to download online that could be more compatible with other devices and operating systems.  NOTE:  We recommend the use of a PDF reader with the ability to save data entered into form fields.


A limited number of forms are available in FileMaker format compatible with either MacIntosh or Windows operating systems.  Go to the FileMaker forms.

Microsoft Excel

The Service Center Calculation Worksheet is the only form available in Excel format.

Publicly Accessible Forms