Executive Policy Manual

EP24 – WSU Sustainability Initiative

Revision Approved February 12, 2018


Washington State University (WSU) faculty, staff, and students recognize there is a shared, vested interest in promoting and supporting those ideas, relationships, and actions that enhance the sustainability of natural, social, and economic environments, both at home and abroad, for current and future generations.


Washington State University is committed to improving sustainability, both on- and off-campus, by developing those principles, practices, and collaborations that will:

  • Increase awareness of environmental, social, and economic sustainability;
  • Create an institutional culture of sustainability;
  • Educate for environmentally, socially, and economically responsible citizenship; and
  • Foster sustainability literacy for all.

Under this policy, WSU seeks to continually improve and increase its capacity to teach, conduct research, and provide outreach that promotes sustainable practices, ideas, and relationships. WSU is committed to following sustainable Environmental Management System principles to support WSU’s Strategic Plan at all campuses and locations.

In striving towards a sustainable future, WSU meets its responsibility to prepare students, staff, and faculty to rise as leaders and innovators who can successfully address the environmental, social, and economic challenges facing humanity.


To implement this policy, WSU administrators, faculty, staff, students, and other stakeholders have formed a collaborative team to develop the sustainability programs. The President has appointed a Sustainability and Environment Committee (SEC) to provide leadership and guidance in the planning, development, organization, and implementation of the programs supporting the WSU Sustainability Initiative.

Revisions:  Feb. 2018 (Rev. 77); Jan. 2008 (Rev. 35); Dec. 2005 – new policy (Rev. 21)