Office of Procedures, Records, and Forms Business Policies and Procedures Manual

Revised 3-10

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Delegation of Contractual Authority


State laws grant the Board of Regents authority to administer and govern the University.

State law (RCW 28B.10.528) provides authority for the Board of Regents to delegate these responsibilities to the President.

The President may delegate the authority to sign contracts to other University officials. Other University officials may not delegate contract signature authority. The President may withdraw or reassign any delegation.

Only those officials holding delegated contract signature authority may sign contracts or agreements that commit University resources. Delegated officials must comply with all purchasing, travel, and/or other University policies, as well as applicable laws and regulations when committing University resources in contracts. See BPPM 10.11 for agreement processing procedures.


The Regents delegated the authority to handle matters pertaining to the general business and financial affairs, organization, and management of the University to the President. The resolutions include the scope of authority delegated, the reason for the delegation, and the authority to delegate to others.

Delegation Process

The process for delegation of contractual authority is as follows:

  • An executive officer at the vice president level submits a request for delegation of contractual authority for a subordinate official to the Vice President for Finance and Administration.
  • The Office of Finance and Administration arranges to conduct training with the official for whom contractual authority is sought.
  • After the official successfully completes contracts training, the Vice President for Finance and Administration submits a recommendation to the President. If the recommendation is that the official receive the delegation, the Vice President for Finance and Administration also sends a draft delegation letter to the President for his or her signature.
  • If approved, the President signs the delegation letter.
  • The Office of Finance and Administration sends the original signed delegation letter to the official receiving the delegation, retains a copy of the delegation letter, and forwards copies to the Attorney General’s Office and Purchasing Services for their records.

The Office of Finance and Administration maintains a file of delegation of authority letters which is available to auditors, vendors, attorneys, and anyone who is interested in delegation issues. To view the letters, contact the Office of Finance and Administration or see the Contracts Office Delegation of Authority website at:

Removing Delegation

To remove a contractual authority delegation when duties change, the employee’s supervisor submits a written request for removal of delegation to the Office of Finance and Administration. The request must include the effective date of the removal.

When an employee with contractual authority terminates employment with the University, the appropriate dean or vice president is responsible for ensuring that the department notify the Office of Finance and Administration in writing. (See also BPPM 60.74 regarding employee departure procedures.)

The Office of Finance and Administration removes the employee’s name from the list of employees with delegated contractual authority on the Contracts Office website. The Office of Finance and Administration forwards a copy of the written request to remove the delegation or written notification of termination to the Attorney General’s Office for their records.