Office of Procedures, Records, and Forms Business Policies and Procedures Manual

REV 1-02

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Establishing and Terminating Sponsored Accounts

Establishing the Account

Sponsored Programs Services SPS) establishes a sponsored account after:

  • The University receives a signed agreement from the sponsor, and
  • The grant or contract documentation is processed by the Office Research Support and Operations (ORSO); and ORSO delivers the processed documentation to SPS.

The University, department, and investigator use the account to track open invoices, expenditures, and revenues related to the sponsored project.

Accounts for sponsored projects are established in programs 11-14. See BPPM 30.05 for an explanation of “program.”

Advance Expenditures

Process an advance expenditure authorization if it is necessary to initiate purchases prior to receipt of the signed agreement (see BPPM 40.23).

Allocation Notice

Sponsored Programs Services generates a Sponsored Project Allocation Notice based on allocations and other account attribute data entered into the sponsored projects database (see Fig. 1).

Sponsored Programs Services uses the form for amendments and renewals as well as for new accounts.


Sponsored Programs Services sends the form to the responsible dean.


The department and principal investigator may begin spending the amount allocated after the indicated project effective date (or earlier if approved as described in BPPM 40.23).

Form Description

Some form sections are self-explanatory or include codes that may not be of interest to departments and investigators. Other form sections are described below. The explanation number is keyed to the corresponding number on the sample.

Account Code (1)

The account code of the sponsored account. See BPPM 30.05 for an explanation of the components of the account code.

ORSO No. (2)

Office of Research Support and Operations control number.

Cost Sharing Obligation (3)

The cost sharing obligation for the project.

Allocations (4)

The object allocations for the project. See BPPM 70.09 for a description of objects and subobjects.

Sponsored Project Allocation Notice
Figure 1 Sponsored Project Allocation Notice
Previous Budget

The amount previously allocated by object.

Current Adjustment

Current allocation adjustment.

New Budget

The sum of Previous Budget and Current Adjustment. This is the amount allocated.

Grant/Contract No. (5)

Assigned by Sponsored Programs Services for internal use.

Overhead Rate (6)

The facilities and administrative (F&A) cost rate charged the sponsor (see BPPM 40.25). To view the current F&A Cost Rate Agreement, go to the SPS web site at:

Account Termination

Ninety days prior to the termination date of the account, SPS sends a checklist to the department and the principal investigator. The checklist includes items to be reviewed prior to project termination, e.g., Personnel Action changes, agency approvals, cost-sharing considerations, Effort Certification Reports.

The department and principal investigator are not to spend or obligate account monies after the project’s termination date. See BPPM 40.03 for expenditure deadlines.

Sponsored Programs Services closes the account after:

  • All outstanding encumbrances and obligations are paid.
  • All overdrafts are cleared.
  • Cost sharing obligations are met.
  • Reports are sent and approved.
  • Funds are received from the sponsor.