Business Policies and Procedures Manual
Chapter 20: Property

Contaminated Surplus Property

(Appendix 1: Equipment Requiring Item Evaluation)

BPPM 20.77

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Form:  Item Evaluation

The items listed below are examples of equipment and materials requiring completion of the Item Evaluation form. The list is not exhaustive.

  • Any equipment or material that has hazards which need to be mitigated Autoclaves
  • Benchtops Biological safety cabinet
  • Centrifuges Cryostats
  • Dead tanks Ductwork
  • Environmental chambers
  • Flammable cabinets Freezers Fume hoods and fans Furniture
  • Glassware and plasticware Glove boxes
  • Incubators
  • Lasers Lead-based paint
  • Microfuges Microwave ovens
  • Ovens
  • Parts from gas and plumbing fixtures
  • *Radioactive sources(including but not limited to liquid scintillation counters Gamma counters Gas chromatographs with Ni-63 electron capture detectors)
  • *Radiation machines (including but not limited to cabinet X-ray units Veterinary X-ray machines X-ray: crystallography; diffraction; and fluorescence units)
  • Refrigerators
  • Shakers Sinks Storage cabinets and lockers used to store chemical products or hazardous waste
  • Vacuum pumps
  • Waterbaths

* Any item to be surplused which is marked with a label containing a “Caution: Radioactive Material” or similar message must be evaluated by the Radiation Safety Office prior to surplussing.

Revisions:  See BPPM 20.77 revision history.