Safety Policies and Procedures Manual

Fire Alarms

SPPM 8.25

For more information contact:
   WSU Fire Marshal

Required Compliance

Failure to leave a building during a fire alarm is a violation of the International Fire Code.

Fire fatality statistics indicate that deaths occur because people are apathetic toward early fire warning systems like a fire alarm.

Fire Drill

Safety committees schedule fire drills with the WSU Fire Marshal and/or the local area fire department to educate employees and other building occupants about the routine to follow in case of fire or other emergency.

Each work station should identify at least two emergency exits.

Each work group should designate a location at least 50 yards away from the building or other facility as a meeting place to account for all group members.

Work groups should review the procedures to survive if a fire occurs in the work place.

Revisions:  Jan. 2011 (Rev. 87); Aug. 2006 (Rev. 67); Dec. 1989 – new policy (Rev. 7).