Business Policies and Procedures Manual


BPPM 00.01

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    Policies, Records, and Forms


The Business Policies and Procedures Manual (BPPM) is intended to guide and assist University employees and administrators in the conduct of day-to-day administrative functions of the WSU system (referred to below as “University”).

Management of the BPPM

The BPPM is managed by the Office of Policies, Records, and Forms (PRF). For information regarding developing a new policy or revising an existing policy, see the PRF website or contact PRF; telephone 509-335-2005; e-mail The policy development and review process are set forth in Executive Policy Manual EP5.

EP5 also sets forth departmental responsibilities for ensuring policies are accurate and up to date. PRF works with responsible departments to help ensure necessary revisions are made in a timely manner but reserves the right to remove policies that are inaccurate or out of date.

PRF maintains the authoritative version of the BPPM online in HTML. Users may print or save copies to PDF.

Policy Revision History

 Substantive revisions are identified in a revision history section at the end of the policy. The revision history provides a list of the substantive revision dates, in descending order of publication (newest to oldest).

For revisions published since 2016, links are provided in the revision history to revision memos which summarize the changes. For revisions published prior to 2016, users may contact PRF for archive copies of the revision memos.

Revisions:  December 2022 (Rev. 603); May 2018 (Rev. 513)