BPPM Revision #533

July 15, 2019

This BPPM revision includes the following changes:

Employee Departure Procedures 60.74

This revision:

  • Updates the records management requirements to ensure that departments locate and secure all records that are subject to open public records requests and litigation holds. (This includes an update to the corresponding Departure Checklist form.)
  • Adds the requirement that an Area Evaluation/Release form be submitted when a PI leaves the University.

Vehicle Acquisition and Disposal 70.40

This revision:

  • Removes the requirement for out-of-state vehicles to be inspected by the Washington State Patrol prior to completion of title applications.
  • Updates the procedures for applying for and obtaining a title and license.
  • Updates the procedures regarding Declaration of Use Tax forms.
  • Updates the requirements for documentaiton to be maintained inside vehicle glove compartments.
  • Adds the requirement for departmental personnel to notify Risk Management Services of the inventory tag number for each new vehicle.
  • Updates the definition of farm equipment and heavy machinery to increase the open roads usable distance from the point of departure, in accordance with current state rules.

Evidence Preservation 90.12

This revision updates the responsibilities and requirements for identifying and preserving potential evidence when litigation to which WSU is a party has been filed or is reasonably foreseeable.

Travel Advance 95.05

This revision increases the length of time a traveler must be in travel status in order to be eligible for a travel advance.