BPPM Revision #565

April 19, 2021

This BPPM revision includes the following changes:

Incentive Payments to Research Participants 45.53

This revision:

  • Updates the crowdsourcing services that are now approved for direct University use and which may be paid for using the University procurement card. 
  • Clarifies the limits for payments to participants.
  • Updates the tax reporting threshold from “more than $50” to “more than $200” for reporting tangible personal property.
  • Updates the requirement for obtaining a one-time research participant’s SSN.

Performance Management Evaluations 60.55

This revision:

  • Updates the evaluation schedule for employees who report directly to the President from annually to a schedule established by the President.
  • Removes the option for supervisors to postpone evaluations of employees who have recently been reassigned, transferred, laid off, or demoted to their current positions until they have completed six months of service in the new position.
  • Adds that an alternative ending date for a review period mutually agreed upon by the supervisor and employee must be documented in writing.

Tuition Waivers–Fall and Spring Semesters 60.70

This revision:

  • Adds the Workday Internal Service Delivery as an unacceptable method of payment for the $5 administrative fee.
  • Identifies the current website and/or form to request a tuition waiver for each specific campus.
  • Updates the description of public or common school state employee’s eligibility on the Tuition Waiver Request form which accompanies this section.