Business Policies and Procedures Manual
Chapter 10: Organization

Organizational Directory

BPPM 10.05

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    Human Resource Services


WSU’s online organizational directory provides the following information regarding University organization units:

  • Name
  • Location
  • Address
  • Supervising unit
  • Supervising officer
  • Primary administrative unit
  • Organization number
  • Contact for purchasing transactions

The University uses this information for Mailing Services’ address system and other business functions.

See the Workday reference guides for further instructions regarding Workday components.


All organization units are included in Workday.

Reviewing Data

Access the Organizational Directory in Workday to review information regarding a University organization unit.

Changing Data

Human Resource Services

Human Resource Services (HRS) adds units to the Organizational Directory in Workday and makes subsequent changes to that information.

Purchasing Services

Purchasing Services directly updates the unit’s purchasing contact. The purchasing contact as recorded in the Workday Procurement component serves as the default for purchasing transactions tracked by Workday.

Other Workday Applications/Functions

If a change to the WSU organizational directory may require additional changes to other Workday components. Users should make or request updates as necessary.

Add or Change Unit’s Workday Information

To add a unit or to make changes to an Organization in workday, submit a request to add or change organization information to HRS.

See the applicable Workday reference guides for instructions.

Revisions:  December 2020 (Rev. 599); November 2017 (Rev. 504); June 1991 (replaced with new section 10.05); December 1989; December 1987; November 1986 (new section 90.71).