Business Policies and Procedures Manual
Chapter 10: Organization

Employee Directories

BPPM 10.07

For more information contact:
    Human Resource Services


WSU departments maintain employee directory information in order to facilitate University communications.

Employee workplace information is also provided for public access. (Note: Employment at WSU, which is a public institution, implies consent for the public release of workplace information.)

Employee directory information appears in electronic form through the WSU Search function (available at the top of all WSU main and departmental webpages) and the Workday system. This directory information also serves Mailing Services and telephone directory assistance operators.

Maintenance Responsibility

Each department is responsible for maintaining workplace information for department employees.

Payroll Services maintains name information for individual employees.


Contact the Crimson Service Desk for assistance with updating or using University directory information; telephone 509-335-4357 (509-335-HELP).


Who Is Included

Employee directory listings include individuals who are regularly employed by the University or have an employment-related relationship with WSU and can expect to be contacted at WSU.

Employee directory listings include:

  • Faculty, classified employees, and administrative professional employees holding either permanent or fixed term appointments;
  • Graduate assistants;
  • Those holding academic appointments, e.g., professors emeriti, visiting professors;
  • Those holding affiliate appointments, e.g., USDA and ROTC technical personnel.

Who Is Not Included

Listings do not include:

  • Student and hourly employees;
  • Graduate assistants who have requested directory information restrictions; and
  • Employees of organizations having social or business affiliations with WSU, e.g., YMCA and the Students Book Corporation.

Restricting Home Data

Unless the individual restricts release, the home telephone number may be released by telephone directory assistance operators.

See BPPM 90.70 for instructions regarding restriction of home data.

Home addresses and home telephone numbers are not listed online in WSU Search. Mailing Services does not use home addresses for mailings.

Maintaining Data

Department Review of Data

Primary Department

Employees holding multiple positions must have one designated as their primary position.

The department is responsible for processing all employment-related changes for that position.


If a person on the department’s list is no longer employed by the University, the department uses a Workday manage Separation business process to terminate the employee. See the Workday Manage Separation reference guide for instructions.

Adding Adjunct and Affiliate Positions

If the department employs others who should be included in the directory, the department places them on academic appointments.

Prepare a Workday transaction to add an academic appointment. See the Workday Add and Update Academic Appointments reference guide for instructions.

Graduate Assistants

A graduate assistant who does not want to be included in the printed directory may request a directory restriction through the online Address and Telephone Maintenance Service. See BPPM 90.70 for instructions.

Employee Business Information

Departments are responsible for updating any incorrect default employee business information in Workday. Business information includes business title, business address, and business telephone number.

Online help is available in the Workday reference guides.

Default Information

In the absence of specific business information for an employee, the home department telephone number and/or mailing address is used. In the absence of a business title, the employee’s highest-ranking job classification title is used together with the home department’s abbreviated name.

To replace the default information, a department may choose to provide a specific business telephone number and/or business title for any employee. A department may also enter a specific business address for any department employee.

Departmental Information

Departments may change the departmental correspondence addresses, telephone numbers, and abbreviations in Workday. See the applicable Workday reference guides.

Personal Information

Each individual employee must correct their own name and home information. Home information restricted by the employee is not shown on the department list or in any directory.

Employee’s Name Change

To change a name the employee submits a Request for Name Change form to Payroll Services. See BPPM 90.75 for instructions.

Home Address or Telephone

To update home address or telephone number, the employee uses the Workday system. See BPPM 90.70 and the Workday View and Modify Your Personal Information reference guide for instructions.

Restricting Home Data

To restrict the release of home telephone information, the employee uses the Workday system. See BPPM 90.70 and the applicable Workday reference guides for instructions.

Revisions:  December 2020 (Rev. 559); August 1994 (new policy).