Business Policies and Procedures Manual
Chapter 20: Property

Contaminated Surplus Property

(Appendix 5H: Other Known or Recognized Hazards)

BPPM 20.77

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Form:  Item Evaluation

Other Hazards

Prior to surplussing, departments must remove or guard potential sharp objects such as glass and sharp edges (see SPPM 4.25).

Parts (e.g., doors; drawers; electrical cords; shelves) that could easily come loose or fall creating a hazard during lifting or transporting must be secured.


Departments are to prominently post a sign on each item, as needed, indicating any other hazards, e.g., lead-containing materials, that are not obvious and controlled or removed.

Item Evaluation

Prior to surplusing, the department must attach a completed Item Evaluation form listing the presence and location of other known or recognized hazardous components within an item.

Revisions:  See BPPM 20.77 revision history.