Business Policies and Procedures Manual
Chapter 30: Finance


BPPM 30.60

For more information contact:
   Bursar’s Office


The Bursar’s Office processes all WSU claims against companies, organizations or individuals filing for bankruptcy.


Departments are responsible for routing all bankruptcy-related correspondence to the University Receivables Office immediately after receipt. The Bursar’s Office response time may be limited by a court-imposed deadline.

Bankruptcy-related correspondence includes:

Order of First Meeting

The Order of First Meeting is notification to the University that a person or organization is filing bankruptcy. The Bursar’s Office responds to this notification by:

  • Contacting all involved WSU departments to determine the total amount
    owed WSU.
    WSU departments should rapidly respond to queries from the Bursar’s Office (even when money is not owed the department).
  • Filing a claim for the amount with the cognizant court.

Discharge Notice

The Discharge Notice informs WSU of the disposition of the court proceedings. The Bursar’s Office, in turn, notifies involved WSU departments and channels any recovered funds to appropriate accounts.

Write Off

The Student Loans/Collections Manager or the manager of the Bursar’s Office authorizes the write off of the discharged balance of the bankruptcy.

Revisions:  Apr. 2011 (Rev. 377); Dec. 1982 – new policy (Rev. 50).