Business Policies and Procedures Manual
Chapter 30: Finance

WSU Pullman Campus Beautification and Recognition Program

BPPM 30.73

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The purpose of the WSU Pullman Campus Beautification and Recognition Program is to celebrate a person, group, or significant event directly affiliated with Washington State University. Through the process of donating financial resources for the purchase and maintenance of benches or trees to WSU, the Pullman campus is provided with practical and beautiful landscape elements, while the generosity of donors is recognized.

Donor Levels

A gift of any size is accepted for the beautification of the campus. There are different gifting levels.

Under $1,000

A beautification donation under $1,000 is dedicated to ongoing landscape projects. The donor may specify the project to which they would like their donation contributed. The donor receives a letter of gratitude from the University. No plaque or physical recognition is included.

$1,000 + Alumni Arboretum Recognition Tree

A beautification donation of $1,000 provides a tree for the WSU Alumni Arboretum, depending on available space. This includes:

  • Procurement, planting, and maintenance of the tree.
  • One-time replacement if the tree dies or is vandalized.
  • A concrete plaque with the name of the person/group/event, and scientific name and common name of the tree.

$2,000 + Campus Recognition Tree

A donation of $2,000 provides a tree for the WSU Pullman campus. This includes procurement, planting, and maintenance of a tree and one-time replacement. At the request of the donor, a concrete plaque with the name of the person/group/event, and scientific name and common name of the tree may be added to the base of the tree.

$5,000 – $10,000 Recognition Bench

A donation of $5,000 provides a metal bench for the WSU Arboretum or Pullman campus. This includes procurement, installation, and maintenance of the bench. Location of the bench is subject to review and approval by WSU Pullman Campus Landscape and Arboretum Committee and the campus architect. A 6-foot, tavern dark green metal bench is the standard for the campus. If the donor wishes, a 2″ x 6″ dedication plaque may be mounted in the center back of the bench. Facilities Services provides the specifications for the plaque.

If a bluestone bench is requested, the cost is $10,000 and it must be located within the vicinity of the Library Pedestrian Mall. The exact location is determined through consultation with Facilities Services staff.

Existing Trees, Plaques, and Benches Outside Arboretum

If a tree or bench must be removed because of Pullman campus development, there is no expectation that it is to be replaced in a different location. Reasonable effort is made to contact the donor to let them know of the change.

The University provides a good faith effort to relocate a bench if it is in good condition. Relocating trees can be costly, so the University does not relocate a tree unless the donor wishes to provide additional funds to cover this expense and the tree trunk is 6″ or less in diameter. The donor is welcome to reclaim the dedication concrete plaque.

Maintenance and Preservation

WSU takes full responsibility for maintaining the gift for ten years as part of the overall Pullman campus landscape.

Each recognition element is listed in the Campus Tree and Memorial Bench geographical information system (GIS) database, including:

  • Name of the person/group/event
  • Contact information
  • Donor amount
  • Other information provided by the donor as part of the campus historic record.


The first point of communication for a beautification and recognition gift is the WSU Foundation; telephone 509-335-6686. A representative of the WSU Foundation works collaboratively with WSU Facilities Services to accomplish the installation of the gift. WSU Facilities Services manages the scope, schedule, and budget for each gift.

WSU Foundation must receive the full amount of the donation in order to begin a beautification and recognition project.

Revisions:  Apr. 2016- new policy (Rev. 470)