Business Policies and Procedures Manual
Chapter 30: Finance

Special Course Fees for Computer Laboratories

BPPM 30.96

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   University Receivables


Educators and administrators may request the establishment of special course fees to pay for operating costs associated with computer laboratories. Follow procedures in BPPM 30.95 to request a special course fee for a computer laboratory. The following conditions also apply.


Such computer laboratories are not intended to be entirely self-sustaining. The department or college is responsible for acquiring and upgrading the laboratory and associated equipment from funds other than revenues from special course fees.


Revenues from special course fees may support:

  • Personnel to serve as computer laboratory monitors and assistants. (This may include graduate assistants.)
  • Consumables, e.g., paper, printer supplies, diskettes.
  • Software and software upgrades.
  • Equipment maintenance.


Revenues from special course fees may not support:

  • Faculty salaries.
  • Replacement or acquisition of equipment or furniture.
  • Remodeling costs associated with establishing or upgrading a laboratory.

Revisions:  October 2004 (Rev. 249); June 1991 – new policy (Rev. 86)