Business Policies and Procedures Manual
Chapter 50: Safety and Security

Bonding WSU Employees for Honesty

BPPM 50.08

For more information contact:
   Risk Management Services

Position Schedule Bonds

The state of Washington protects itself and its agencies against economic loss due to dishonest acts by appointed officers and employees through the purchase of Position Schedule Bonds. (RCW 43.17.100)

Limits and details of current coverage are available from Risk Management Services; telephone 509-335-6893.

Reporting Suspected Violations

WSU personnel are responsible for reporting any WSU officer or employee who, while conducting official University business, is suspected of committing a dishonest act which causes economic loss to WSU.

Refer to the applicable section to report a loss, irregularity, or improper action:

  • Improper governmental actions reported to the state auditor under the state Whistleblower Statute which provides protection against retaliation by employers (BPPM 10.20).
  • Equipment losses (BPPM 20.50).
  • Irregularities reported to the Internal Audit Office (BPPM 30.12).
  • Losses from petty cash funds (BPPM 30.50).
  • Losses from till cash funds (BPPM 30.51).

Revisions:  Mar. 2018 (Reviewed); November 2003 (Rev. 237); Nov. 1979 – new policy (Rev. 36).