Business Policies and Procedures Manual
Chapter 50: Safety and Security


BPPM 50.21

For more information contact:
   Office of Finance and Administration


A solicitor is one who contacts WSU staff, faculty, or students for the purpose of canvassing, petitioning, and/or merchandising, including buying or selling.


This policy applies to solicitation within the boundaries of WSU-owned or controlled property. (WAC 504-35-030(5))

This policy also applies to solicitation contacts made by telephone, facsimile machine, e-mail, or any other means of contacting WSU staff, faculty, or students.

Prior Approval

Solicitors may contact WSU staff, faculty, and/or students with appropriate approval.

  • Before contacting WSU staff, faculty, and/or students, a solicitor must obtain written approval from the Office of Finance and Administration.
  • The Office of Finance and Administration specifies the conditions of solicitation. The conditions may specify individuals to be contacted, specific times contact is appropriate, and/or acceptable locations for the contact.


WSU’s Purchasing Services coordinates the activities of vendor representatives. See BPPM 70.11 for procedures vendor representatives use to contact WSU employees.

Revisions:  June 2004 (Rev. 245); Mar. 1995 (Rev. 96); Dec. 1984 – new policy (Rev. 58).