Business Policies and Procedures Manual
Chapter 50: Safety and Security

After-Public-Hours Use of University Buildings

BPPM 50.24

For more information contact:
   WSU Police (WSU Pullman)


Each campus in the WSU system establishes security protocols for after-hours access to University buildings. This section provides an overview of security protocol management at the WSU campuses.

Non-Pullman Campuses

The campus facilities and public safety or security departments establish building access and security protocols for the WSU Everett, WSU Spokane, WSU Tri-Cities, and WSU Vancouver campuses.

WSU Everett

For further information, contact the campus Facilities Manager; telephone 425-405-1566; or the Campus Safety Officer; telephone 425-315-4014.

WSU Spokane

For further information regarding WSU Spokane building access, see the WSU Spokane Safety and Security website.

WSU Tri-Cities

For further information regarding WSU Tri-Cities building access and security, see the WSU Tri-Cities Campus Hours and Campus Safety and Security websites.

WSU Vancouver

For further information, contact campus Facilities Services; telephone 360-546-9000; or Public Safety; telephone 360-546-9001.

WSU Pullman Campus

Authorized Use

Only authorized individuals may be in University buildings at WSU Pullman after normal public hours.

An authorized person must carry a CougarCard when accessing University buildings after normal public hours. The individual presents the card to WSU Police or security staff upon request. See BPPM 10.08 for CougarCard procedures.

Security Response

University security staff at WSU Pullman call WSU Police for assistance if they are unable to verify an individual’s identity and/or reason for being in the building after normal public hours.

WSU Police or security personnel escort any unidentified and/or unauthorized individual from the building. WSU Police may take other appropriate law enforcement action against the individual.

User Responsibilities

Individuals who are in WSU Pullman University buildings after hours assume the following responsibilities:

  • Observing all safety and fire regulations.
  • Turning off nonessential lights or electronics when not in use.
  • Closing and locking all doors upon leaving. (This includes outside entry/exit doors as well as interior doors.)

Building occupants are encouraged to contact WSU Police if they witness suspicious behavior or unusual conditions.

Revisions:  December 2021 (Rev. 583); July 1999 (Rev. 143); Dec. 1998 (Rev. 135); Dec. 1983 (Rev. 54); June 1975 – new policy (Rev. 1).