Business Policies and Procedures Manual
Chapter 55: Payroll

Correcting a Social Security Number

BPPM 55.05

For more information contact:
   Payroll Services

Significance of SSN

The social security number must be correct to credit the employer’s and the employee’s contribution and service quarters to the employee’s Social Security account.

The social security number is the payroll control number.

The social security number provides identification for students, vendors, and other WSU associates.


Occasionally, a social security number is incorrect on a payroll, personnel, or student file or some other WSU record. Departments are to provide correct social security numbers and add social security numbers where they are missing.

Copy of Social Security Card

Submit a copy of the social security card to Payroll Services. Payroll Services requires a copy of the social security card to verify the number prior to making a correction.

The Payroll Director may waive this requirement if the director is satisfied that the information otherwise submitted is correct.

Revisions:  February 2011 (Rev. 375); Feb. 2000 (Rev. 155); July 1988 – new policy (Rev. 71).