Business Policies and Procedures Manual
Chapter 55: Payroll

Direct Pay Deposit

BPPM 55.50

For more information contact:
   Payroll Services


A WSU employee may authorize Payroll to deposit their paycheck in any U.S. bank which is a member of an automated clearing house.


Direct deposit has the following advantages:

  • Direct deposit eliminates the possibility of a lost or delayed paycheck.
  • Pay is deposited without further employee action.
  • Payroll Services corrects errors or makes other adjustments in an employee’s pay without delaying the deposit. (An error in a paper paycheck requires reissuance of the check.)

Employee Procedures

Complete payment elections in Workday. See the Workday Complete Payment Elections reference guide for instructions.



After the direct deposit process is in place, Payroll Services posts employee payslips in Workday. To view payslips, see the Getting Started with Workday: View Your Payslip reference guide for instructions.

Credit Employee’s Account

On each payday, the employee’s bank credits the amount of the employee’s pay to the designated account.

Employees Who Receive Paychecks

Employees who do not authorize direct deposit receive paychecks at the mailing addresses recorded in their contact information in Workday.

Make address changes in Workday. (See BPPM 90.70 and the Getting Started with Workday: Modify Your Personal Information reference guide.)

Revisions:  December 2020 (Rev. 559); June 2003 (Rev. 231); Sept. 1998 (Rev. 127); Jan. 1994 (Rev. 94); July 1990 (Rev. 81); Mar. 1976 – new policy (Rev. 8).