Business Policies and Procedures Manual
Chapter 60: Personnel

Hazardous Conditions Pay

BPPM 60.28

For more information contact:
   Human Resource Services

Eligible Employees

Civil service employees are eligible for hazardous conditions pay in some work situations. In accordance with general prevailing practices in the local building trades industry, hazardous conditions pay applies to the following:

  • Work on a swing staging or tile/slate/metal roof (without protective parapet) which is 35 feet or more above the ground or floor.
  • Sandblasting work requiring special protective clothing and air line respiratory protection.
  • Work requiring a full face mask with air line or catalytic-type respiratory protection.

Collective bargaining unit employees must refer to the appropriate collective bargaining unit agreements for hazardous conditions pay information.

Ineligible Employees

Employees are not eligible for hazardous conditions pay if the hazardous duties are normally expected for the employee’s assigned class and are incorporated in consideration of the employee’s assigned salary ranges. Contact Human Resource Services for information concerning hazardous conditions pay; telephone 335-4521.

Salary Premium

The salary premium for hazardous conditions is 1.00 dollar per hour with a two-hour minimum per event.


Hazardous conditions pay is a supplemental pay reported in Workday. See the Workday Time and Absence reference guide.

Revisions:  December 2020 (Rev. 559); July 2005 (Rev. 262); Mar. 2004 (Rev. 243); June 1977 – new policy (Rev. 18).