Business Policies and Procedures Manual
Chapter 60: Personnel

Faculty Compensation Outside Assigned Duties

BPPM 60.44

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Annual Report of Outside Compensation for Faculty
 (Print or complete onscreen and print as needed to report annual activity for each employee who has done professionally-related services during the previous year.)


WSU faculty members are to report any of the following activities they receive compensation for, as stated in the current Faculty Manual.

  • Compensated outside service; see Faculty Manual Section IV.D., Policy on Compensated Outside Service by Faculty Members.
  • Extended professional activities; see Faculty Manual Section IV. E, Extended Professional Activities.
  • Faculty authored, edited, or prepared scholarly materials; see Faculty Manual Section IV.I., Use of Faculty Authored, Edited, or Prepared Scholarly Material.


Outside Assigned Duties

Activities outside assigned duties is defined as “faculty scholarly and scientific activities, beyond their core assigned duties, which contribute to WSU’s mission to create, transfer, distribute, and document scholarly and scientific knowledge.”


Consulting is defined as “faculty providing professional expert advice related to their scholarly, technological, and scientific expertise.”


In the case of compensated outside service or extended professional activities, each employee discloses and obtains approval from the appropriate department chair or other supervisor for an activity beyond the employee’s WSU duties within five working days of the commencement of the activity. See Annual Report below.

Scholarly Material Royalties

Students may be required to use textbooks or material written or created by a WSU faculty member. If a faculty member assigns their own work to a class or lab, they may not receive any financial gain from the sale of those materials for that specific class or lab (RCW 42.52.030). Any royalties from such sales must be declined, or donated to WSU, by the faculty member.

The sale of such materials and the disposition of royalties must be reported annually. See Annual Report below.

Annual Report

By November 1, each employee having commercial involvements in areas related to their University responsibilities submits a summary of those activities to the approving supervisor(s) using the Annual Report of Outside Compensation for Faculty form. This form is available in PDF format on the PRF website.

The department compiles an annual report of activity for each academic year. (For this purpose an academic year begins August 15 and runs through August 14.) The department chair sends this report to the dean or director. The dean or director sends this report to the Provost and Academic Vice President.

Revisions:  January 2022 (Rev. 585); Oct. 2000 (Rev. 172); July 1989 – new policy (Rev. 77).